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KYMCO or Kwang Yang Motor Company, Ltd is a Taiwanese company that manufactures motor scooters, motorcycles and ATV's for worldwide distribution.  Within the first couple of years the company quickly became the largest scooter manufacturer in Tiwan and fith worldwide. 

KYMCO manufactures over 40 scooter models, more than a dozen motorcycles, and close to 20 ATVs.  With such a broad spectrum of on and off road models you will never have a problem finding the unit that fits your needs best.  From entry level riders to expirienced road warriors KYMCO's products are as durable as they are versitile.  KYMCO is also deeply committed to public safety and social responsibility.  They have won numerous awards for their efforts to exceed industry standards in waste reduction, management strategies, quality control and industrial technology development. 

A perfect combination of control and high performance KYMCO's scooters range from 50cc all the way to 700cc to ensure all your speed needs are met!  If a more powerful ride is your wish KYMCO's line of rugged ATV's are for you!  Integrating power and style into one model KYMCO's ATVs are at the top of everyones all terrain wish list.  Paired with an engine built to last the transmission performance was exceptionally smooth and provided excellent compression braking while negotiating downhill descents. 

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PGO Scooters is a brand ofmotor scooter manufactured by Motive Power Industry, a scooter manufacturer founded in Taiwan in 1964.

PGO entered into a technical collaboration with Italy’s Piaggio (the manufacturer of the Vespa) that lasted from 1972 to 1982; it is also from there that the company gets its name (P iag G i O).

PGO Scooters, in the United States, are imported and distributed by Genuine Scooters and its models are known there as the Blur, Buddy, and Roughhouse, In Canada, PGO scooters are sold under the PGO brand. 

For more information about PGO Scooters and specs visit their website

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